Obtain information about the operating conditions of vehicles, routes, drivers' performance, distance, mileage, speed and fuel use; as a result of the use of navigation technology combined with the installed GPS sensors.

xTS can generate efficient routes for the fleet of vehicles considering external factors such as transit in the area, stopovers and stops; and internal factors such as the goals of each vehicle: distance, speed and efficient use of fuel.

Obtain reports with relevant information according to each company's management and business needs. This information can be checked from plataform and also integrated with third-party systems.


xTS provides an GPS tracking software platform which offer the control and access at important information about the entire vehicles and fleet.

RegisterRegister vehicles and fletes and associate them with users.

SetupSetup parameters like GMT time of your customers location, fuel consumption, and the initial longitude and latitude of the vehicle fleet.

MonitorMonitor Vehicles, alarms, status, which allows identifying performance, events, routes and more.

TrackKnow the actions that your vehicles and drivers perform: inputs and outputs of a geofence, stops and duration of these, speeding, increase or decrease of fuel consumption, and engine temperature. Visualize the list of GPS commands , which allows validating if the commands respond correctly to the functions, and verify the technical updates of the GPS devices.

AccountsCreate users account, set custom messages to users , suspend or delete them permanetly. Know the users who have connected for the last time and from where.. Delimit accesses by IP for most security.

EasyThe xTS platform has a friendly design, enriched by graphics and information tables. The text sizes and colors help with reading. Include logo and colors of the brand; also external links or documents with important information for users