Software that allows security keys validation through streams such as ATM, Mobile Banking, Homebanking, ATM, POS and more.

xPinverify complies with Visa and MasterCard financial standards, satisfying cryptography and security international requirements. Being a software agnostic, it can be integrated to any existing system. In addition, it can generate data for the printing of credit card (16-digit number), and its security system allows access only to equipment registered by the financial entity.

Providing safe key validation transactions is a must to financial entities as its number is growing worldwide.


xPinVerify allows validate security keys from different streams, thanks to its features.

ServicesValidate PIN (PVV)Validate CVV, CVV2, ICVV Generate card numbers and magstripe tracks dataOther Security Key applications Integrate with HSM ( Hardware Security Module )

StreamsATMMobile bankingHomebankingPOS

PlatformSoftware AgnosticHigh availabilityIt works according to financial standards required by Visa and Mastercard.Satisfying international security and cryptography requirements.